Friday, September 16, 2011

Shiny hiney

I never thought I would post a picture of my child's bottom on the interweb.

We went out to eat last night to celebrate a typo. We had been grocery shopping all day, flu shots, and generally exhausting He Who Refuses To Nap.

I took Zachary to the potty before we sat down. As is his habit lately, he had a wardrobe malfunction along with a logistics problem and got his underwear and jeans wet.  I tucked a paper towel in there to give him a little dry barrier, and we went back to the table.

Not even 15 minutes later he fell asleep on his arm while coloring.

Of course, this is so adorable, and several passersby adored him in his adorableness.  Chris was sitting closest to him, and oh, I don't know, happened to catch a glare? He had me come and check out this sight:

We were howling.  Oh my word. And then we told the server.  They told their friends.  We got really great service that night.

I'm still laughing.


Life with Kaishon said...

That is SO funny. Seriously funny : )
Isn't that crazy how they refuse to give up their nap and then they fall asleep exhausted super early.

Mrs Lemon said...

testing one two three

Happy Kid City said...

Hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh.

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